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Who We are?

Techniques is a software development company based in Lahore, Pakistan. Since 1998, we have been providing our services to a broad range of reputable clients, spanning from Europe and America to Pakistan.

We are a team of software developers, specializing in graphics designing and marketing of the software. Our teams commitment, professionalism and technical expertise has time and again, led our clients to suitable bespoke solutions which fulfill their every needs. We have developed vast arrays of software packages, including both desktop and web based packages. Subsequently these packages have gone on to be used in almost every realm of business.

Techniques consistently provides faultless and exhaustive solutions, which guarantees to fulfill your business requirements, and also to provide you with ways to enhance your business. Our specialties include VB.NET, ASP.NET, PHP, and JSP as Languages.

Our services Includes: -

  •     Web Development
  •     Web Design
  •     Web Marketing
  •     Desktop Software
  •     Hosting / Domain Registration
  •     Mobile Solutions
  •     Maintenance & support
  •     Strategic and sourcing

Furthermore, we provide maintenance of software, while also trying to enhance them to meet any future requirements. Our support representation is always available around the clock, 24 hours a day.